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Did you know Sizzix has an online outlet store where products are MAJORLY discounted? I didn't, until tonight.

Yesterday, I posted how I picked up this die cut at Michaels on sale. I noticed when I used it tonight (I took pictures, and plan to post these in a day or so while I'm still waiting for AJ to get here), that it had a corresponding card die cut as well. It was listed on Amazon for $20, which I thought was outrageous, especially when I can just cut the right size card insert with my paper cutter. But, I thought I'd just do a quick search around anyway.

I found it for just $2.99 at the Sizzix outlet. Fabulous. But then I noticed I'd be charged $9 shipping. So I thought I'd add something else to the order. I found this die cut to cut regular A2 sized envelopes. Great. I caught Shannon before she ordered me envelopes, so I can use this to make them for the paper store, and just cut my own cards to fit.

But then I got to researching a little more. If I ordered $100 worth of stuff (I know, a large order), it was free shipping. And the products in the Sizzix store were something like 80% off for a lot of them! (Seriously, check it out, there's 400+ items on major discount). I asked Brad if it would be ok if I ordered $100 worth of items, and paid it off over two months instead of all right now. (I get an allowance per month, we both do, and I kinda spent most of mine already. I like to shop). He said to go for it. Especially since this would get me some items that can be used towards the paper goods business.

So my order consisted of the following (in addition to the envelope and card ones I listed above):
These alphabet dies ($20 marked down from $150!)

That's 12 sets of dies (some of them come with more than one die, like the alphabets) for $104. I saved $326 off the retail price. (And this is actually valid, I checked a bunch of these on Amazon/elsewhere and they're listed around full retail - for example, the scallop envelope on Amazon is $32, I got it for $16).

Anyway, I love to shop and am a huuuuuge sucker for clearance items. I am psyched about my order from tonight! Can't wait til they all come in!

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  1. Wow! JACKPOT!
    I am such a sucker for clearance... and free shipping, too! I can't wait to see all your goodies!