Shapez Storage

I mentioned that I received my Sizzix order today. With that came a new issue - where and how to store all these new dies?

After hemming and hawing a bit, I decided to store everything for the Creatopia in a cabinet I have (which was currently just hiding crap). I wanted, however, to keep the information and pictures of the dies somewhere, and it wasn't practical to store them with the dies themselves.

So, I came up with a binder system where I could put each of my dies and embossing folders on a page and sort by category. Each page has either a picture or a cut out of the die cut, as well as the brand name and the item number (if available). All the Sizzix dies have item numbers and that's the easiest way to locate them online. As I get more dies and folders, I can add categories and rearrange them in the binder. This will allow me to see what I have, without having to dig through all the dies.

I decided my next project will be to come up with a similar inventory of all my stamps. Storage for stamps isn't an issue right now, as I found a nice way to store the clear ones and currently have a way of storing the rubber ones (once I get a few more I'll need to expand that, however), but it would be nice to have a binder of all the stamped images to look through.

Anyway, I took pictures of my organizational work today. Please excuse the crappy cell phone photos - my new camera is broken and the backup is stored in my hospital bag.

My binder, and a few shots of the inside. (I have lots more dies than shown). I created categories such as alphabets, tags, flowers, and embossing folders.
And a shot of all my Creatopia components storage, with a close up of the shelf containing my dies and embossing folders.
I love organizing!

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