New business cards and a new toy

First, yesterday, Shannon and I designed our business cards for the Perfect Loop Paper business. We used a sizzix die I'd bought at Michaels that cuts 3 different sizes of scalloped tags, and used the biggest size for our cards. I also used a stamp kit purchased at Staples. The idea came from this blog I'd posted awhile back.

And voila!

Also, today, Brad told me I could finally purchase my MacBook. We'd been discussing it for a few years, getting a Mac for the house. Since we finally have savings and this year have some things happening that should generate some significant savings for us, he told me I could finally get one. I had a doctor's appointment that didn't go quite as I'd hoped (nothing bad, but was told no progress, and had the doctor I didn't like), he told me I could go buy it today! So I did!


  1. mac is great choice ;)


  2. Sweet!!! :-) Someday we want to get a Mac.


    Sorry to hear no progress :-(
    He has to come out eventually!!!