Miscellaneous Crafting

I've realized I think I'm going to have to do all my photo blogging from my PC. I've found so far that 1) I can't get Picasa to work properly on the mac and 2) It is difficult navigating to photos on my mac because of the way the iphoto library package is displayed.

Anyway, I have a tutorial to post soon, but here are some random crafts that I wanted to show you.

First, I told you the other day about the ink markers I'd purchased to be able to stamp with more than one color at a time. I took some pictures to show you what I was referring to.
Second, I showed you the envelope die I'd purchased. I took a couple of pictures to show you me creating one of the envelopes.
Finally, I tried making my own checkerboard like in this tutorial I'd previously posted, and it came out pretty awful. I guess I can't have success with all of my crafting projects. I just went about it all wrong. I didn't cover it in white first. I didn't use painters tape to square off my checkerboard. I touched up areas leaving bumps. It just looks awful.


  1. In these pictures at least, the checkerboard looks really cute! You could always just take some sanding paper to it a little and make it look distressed. Then the sloppy paint might even look intentional... shabby chic, you know? :-)

  2. I did sand it, LOL. I've sanded it to the point where if I sanded it more it would wear the paint off to the dark underneath.

    I'll try again another time. Brad said he can sand all the paint off this block if I wanted to reuse it, otherwise I can get one at Michaels.