Austin's Birth Story

Austin's Birth Story

Oooh boy. Really. Worst and best thing I ever did at the same time.

Sunday night, we went in at 4pm for Cervadil. I had worked it up in my head that it would hurt so much and it was nothing at all. I was pleased. The IV hurt quite a bit, but I managed through it. I had some awesome nurses who laughed and joked with us. For the first two hours, I did fine. After 2 hours, I got some dinner, and still was ok. But then they were having trouble with my blood pressure, and needed me to lie on my side. Then it was the baby's heartbeat racing. They had me sitting funny, half up but on my side, and that put me into a position where I started really feeling contractions, all in my lower back.

Baby was still posterior, and omg, I never knew I'd hurt so much so fast. They gave me a shot of Numorphan in the bum, and in about 15 minutes I felt really woozy and no pain. Great. Sleepy too, awesome. Except I couldn't sleep. So, they gave me Ambien. I still couldn't sleep. At 11, my nurses left and a new one, the one I like to call the Nurse Nazi, came on. She was AWFUL. First, about 11:30, I started vomiting, while shaking uncontrollably and crying hysterically. We hit the call button, because I just felt like something was very wrong, and she took her sweet ass time coming in, and then proceeded to just tell me that I needed to sleep. No shit, Sherlock. I'm trying to fucking sleep.

This nurse was pathetic. Every time I would hit the button (which wasn't often, mostly just to pee), she'd take 10-15 minutes to come check on me, when there was NO ONE else in the unit that she was attending to. It was like she was coming back from break every damn time. She'd unhook me and even though she herself said I shouldn't be getting up by myself because of the Numorphan, she'd leave me to get myself and my IV cart into the bathroom, go, and get back out in bed, and stroll back in another 15 minutes afterwards to hook me back up. Brad got no sleep because I kept having to wake him up to help me.

I then threw up again about 20 minutes later. Finally, I managed to lie in a position on my side where I felt ok. For about a half hour, then the back labor started again. And it kept getting worse and worse and worse. At 4:30, she took out my Cervadil and checked me (which hurt worse than anything I felt the entire labor – man, I hated this nurse), and said I was closed up tight. The back labor was still hurting, but then it seemed to ease a little.

I was in between contractions, on my side, when I suddenly felt a pop/punch down below, followed by an insane contraction that hit my back and lower belly at once. I cried. Afterwards, I got up to pee (I was finally off the monitors at the moment), and when I got into the restroom, blood and water came out. My water was broken. We called the Nurse Nazi, after 10 minutes she came in and was like, oh, that's nice.

I spent the next couple of hours having horrific contractions every minute, that lasted about 30 seconds to a minute each. I leaned on Brad, breathed through them (the nurse actually praised me and said I was doing really well handling them, and Brad said I was breathing great). But it was just the most excruciating pain I'd ever felt. I knew I wanted an epidural, and I wanted it asap. The Nurse Nazi told me it would be several hours. I was hot, I stripped off my gown, and just sat there naked, breathing and holding onto Brad.

She gave me another shot of Numorphan but it did nothing. Finally, 7am hit, and super nice nurse Mandy came on and told me I could have my epidural right away. So, awesome anethesiologist came in, did a fabulous job with the epi (I felt NOTHING), and then they started Pitocin. Right after my epi kicked in, Mandy checked my cervix and I was 3-4 cm. Great.

I spent about 2 hours then just relaxing with the epidural – an hour on one side, an hour on the other. Then suddenly, at 10am, several nurses and the doc rushed in, and said that the baby was having trouble with my position. They checked me, and I was 8-9 cm. I said “Holy Shit!” out loud! Then apologized for my language but everyone laughed.

However, baby was not liking something. Heart kept going to 80, then back up really fast. At that point, I was so numb with the epi, that I said, hell, do a c-section. Turned out they were prepping the OR for one anyway, because the baby was having trouble.

At this point, they were trying to put internal monitors on the baby, Brad was clearly freaking out a bit, and I used this opportunity to throw up for the...oh, 7th time. (I'd been puking through a bunch of my contractions and right after the epidural hit). I just wanted the baby out, and both of us to be healthy. The doctor told me, if we got to the OR and baby was ok, he'd check to see if I was close enough to start pushing. I told him I really didn't think I COULD push, to which he told me when I was puking I was pushing really well. That's nice ;) But I didn't think I could do it. The c-section sounded so good to me.

I wasn't afraid at all. Brad was. At first they weren't sure he could come in, but baby's heartbeat was doing ok so they allowed him in. It was still an emergency c-section. I was prepped and baby was out in about 5 minutes. I never felt a thing. Maybe a little pressure, but honestly, it was one of the most relaxing things in my life, strangely enough. I felt so numb I just lay there breathing and it was great. Funny I could actually ENJOY a c-section.

Austin came out just fine. They suctioned him and he cried a bit and was just so cute! :) Brad went off to the nursery with him and I stayed and got stitched up. It's a pretty good size incision, but not that big for an emergency section I was told.

I love my doctor, loved both anesthesiologists, and every nurse except that one night nurse. I'm feeling no pain right now (just had a little when the epidural wore off and she had to push around on my uterus a bit). I did spend awhile shaking uncontrollably again, so Brad fed and rocked the baby – I didn't actually hold him until late this afternoon, after several others had held him, including my mom, and Shannon's mom. I was fine with it though. It's still weird that this is MY child. I feel like I was holding and feeding someone else's baby. But I love him and he's super cute and now I'm just going to try to enjoy my stay through Friday.

It's funny how afraid I was of having an epidural and a c-section but both were like...well, heaven, in the midst of so much pain.

All in all, I went in at 4pm for the Cervadil, and he was born at 10:36am the next day. I'm amazed at how fast things progressed.

That's all. Gotta try and sleep!


  1. I was so excited to see you posted!!

    I'm SO happy for you and Brad!! I'm glad you are all doing well - I snuck on facebook to see pictures and you all look so happy!

    Enjoy every minute of that baby! He's so precious Melissa!

    Cant wait to see you. You did it!!!! You are a brave Mama!!!!

  2. My poor Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy to hear you and Austin are doing well, we have been thinking about you guys. What an ordeal you had to go through, I am so sorry. Not gonna lie, I am a bit nervous now! :)

    I want to see you guys soon! You are an amazing mother, and I give you tremendous respect for having gone through this.

    Love you! Ali

  3. Aw, thank you Lindsay and Ali! :)

    Don't worry, Ali, even with the c-section, nothing was as scary as I'd worked it up to be in my head. I just went in with an open mind, and went with it, and even though parts of it were awful, in the end it was not that bad ;)

    I think it would have been worse if I'd had to manage through contractions all day like that though!

  4. Yay for baby!!!!
    Sorry to hear you didn't have a very pleasant hospital experience, but all your waiting is DONE.
    Yay baby!!

  5. Congratulations Melissa! Sorry to hear you had such a bitch for a nurse. That's so frustrating! But now it's finished and you can SLEEP! :) Can't wait to see more pictures of the little man. Welcome to the world, Austin!