41 weeks (well, 40 weeks and 6 days, close enough!)

Had a non stress test today, baby is great. My blood pressure, however, was up quite a bit when I first got there, and went down to an acceptable, but not awesome, level as I sat there, so I'm instructed to chill out tonight and for the weekend. So, no birthday party for Uncle Andy tonight.

Looks like we go in Sunday at 4pm to start Cervadil, and then the Pitocin will start Monday. Dr. Rubin is on all weekend and Monday so he'll be delivering our baby, I think! :)

I made no progress today with my cervical check, still 1 cm. Oh well. I am starting to understand why some women choose to skip the checks, because they get very discouraging if you hear you've made no progress, when in reality, you can go from 0 cm to full on labor in the same day. So, there's still a chance he'll make an appearance on his own. But that window is getting slimmer.

Anyway, I took belly photos today. With my old camera. My new one is broken (again) and I have to send it in for repair (again). I clearly got a lemon. Good thing it was a gift. Brad said we could start saving towards a real DSLR (that I'll have my wedding photographer pick out for me) someday. He knows how important taking photos of Austin is going to be for me, and so that's something we will work into our budget somehow. I'm very upset that the new camera keeps breaking, but I will never spend money on a point and shoot again. If I'm getting a new camera, it's going to be a good one.

Photos. Oh, and yes those ARE some stretch marks low on my belly! Finally started coming in. LOL. Why I'm happy about it I don't understand. I guess it's like a badge of honor or something!

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