40 weeks tomorrow

Ultrasound went well - baby is doing great, and is still head down of course. As he has been the whole time. Fluid level is perfect, placenta looks perfect, everything is great. Silly Austin is just happy being in there.

We set an induction date for next Sunday 3/27 into Monday 3/28. If I'm not dilated at least 2cm by Sunday I'll need cervadil, which I've been told by the doc will hurt more than a cervical check going in. Otherwise, Monday they start Pitocin. I'm REALLY hoping for some dilation so I don't need the cervadil. Told Brad we are getting it ON for the next 5 days! LOL.

Ok, I'll stop the TMI and say that I stopped by Michaels on the way home and picked up this cool Sizzix die at half price, along with some neat markers that you can use to paint onto stamps so that you can achieve different colors on the stamp. (I'll take photos when I do this so you can see what I'm talking about). Markers were also on sale.

My photos of the baby shower came from Shutterfly and I picked up more page protectors so I can work on that before Austin comes. Something to keep me busy. I think I'll be doing/posting a lot of craft stuff if I'm going to have another week at home before he gets here.

Finally, I'm tired of two things: People inquiring about my labor status. (And no, I don't mean any of my blog readers). My mom keeps saying "keep me posted" whenever we end a conversation, like I wouldn't call her. My dad keeps texting me. My stepmom is calling me every other day. My brother is even texting/calling. People are calling Brad, people are calling my mom. It's like, ENOUGH. I will text or call everyone asking ME about the baby when I'm on my way to the hospital, I promise. If Brad is at work, it means no baby yet. Duh.

The second thing is people saying that I'm not going to be sleeping when he gets here. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, because I continue to hear it and it pisses me off more than anything else. I PROMISE YOU, I will get more sleep when Austin is here. Why? Because I'm not breastfeeding, meaning, Brad can do half the feedings. And Brad can change half the diapers. Or more if he's inclined. Right now, I can't pawn off my heartburn, my uncomfortably large stomach, or the need to pee every half hour onto Brad. No, the man gets to sleep through the night while I'm constantly getting up. Once Austin is here...I WILL get to sleep, a ton more than I am now.

Seriously. You will not hear a non-sleeping complaint from me, ever. EVER. (Unless MAYBE he gets colic for 8 weeks or something insane like that). Assuming he's a normal baby, you won't hear it.


  1. I forgot to post this when I read this the first time: I was induced with cervadil and that was all I needed. It didn't hurt when then put it in AND it started contractions within 5H.

    So if'n you haven't had the baby yet- chin up.