38 weeks and first "painful" Braxton hicks

Ugh. After lots of googling and posting to my due date community and reading though tags on the pregnant community for an hour...I am certain I had a pretty awful Braxton hicks last night.

Omg, it sucked. I was sleeping, and was jolted awake by an uncomfortable sensation in the top of my uterus. I sat up and it immediately got worse. I got out of bed, and by now brad was awake. I was struggling to breathe, trying to tell him what I was feeling. It wasn't that it was sharply painful, but the top of my uterus was so tight and constricting it hurt. The episode lasted about five minutes, maybe more, and it finally disappeared completely. During it, I never felt a break, but just stronger peaks of omfg this sucks. I dry heaved a few times.

I kept thinking/saying to Brad that if it was a contraction it should go away quicker. After it went away I pulled out the google and turns out bh can last for many minutes...some women have them for hours without a break. I think I would kill myself.

The good news is that a real contraction will be shorter. I could have easily breathed through this without waking brad if it had gone away in a minute, but it wasn't. No position made it more comfortable. I kept wanting to stretch out my body so I could breathe but that didn't help. It really was miserable and I am afraid to have more of these at night. During the day, when I am awake and alert, I think I could get through them without panicking. But being jolted awake like that probably made things worse. Also, lasting that long, I wasn't sure at first what it was so I did panic a bit. If I had known it was a contraction I would have been more likely to try to relax and wait it out. If that makes any sense.

At least i will be prepared for the next one.

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