37 weeks, 3 days!

So, appointment seemed to go well this morning. I had my first cervical check (which admittedly hurt like a bastard). I had expected to be completely closed up and having no progress made but he actually said I’m a half cm dilated (maybe 1 cm, he said he could get a finger in or break my water if he had to), but 90% effaced! I know the dilation is minimal but I’m happy to hear that I’m almost fully effaced, that’s good, right? It’s progress!

So tonight, the plan is to eat some fresh pineapple, and start getting a little busy with Brad to try and maybe bring on something. I have another appointment next Monday so hopefully I’ll see some more progress then. Not looking forward to more cervical checks though, yuck!!!

Also, he assured me that I WILL know when I’m in labor, haha, even if I’m not noticing my Braxton hicks contractions now.

Come on, baby!

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