Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I actually have some nice plans tonight! Dinner at Chili's, and then a couple's massage with my husband ;) Very excited.

Thursday I have our 3rd trimester ultrasound. Can't wait to see little Austin again! This weekend we took an infant CPR class, and I just couldn't do the chest compressions! It requires the use of two fingers to push the chest down, and it's hard (even Brad said it was hard work) and my hands hurt so much and I have such little strength in my arms that I could only get a few pushes in. Luckily we get the doll to bring home to practice, so I can try again maybe after he's born. It doesn't really seem to have changed too much from when I learned it in health class so it was all familiar to me, anyway.

Had lunch with Ali & Britt on Saturday at Legal Seafoods. I got some yummy king crab legs (so expensive but omg so good). And moose tracks ice cream. And edamame. And a giant plate of french fries. I ate every bite. And then I didn't need to eat until like, 10pm! It was lovely to see the girls though! :) Ali is supposed to find out today whether she's having a boy or a girl! Britt and I are both predicting girl for her. We'll see!

Went shopping Saturday night to Kohl's and bought a bunch of things for the hospital. Two pairs of maternity sweat pants (because they were the most comfy), a zippered maternity sweatshirt that was on clearance, some underwear and bras on clearance, and two nightgowns, both on sale. Now I have non-embarrassing stuff to wear after the birth ;) Almost finished packing my hospital bag now - I just need some deodorant to pack, and to update my ipad with music. And then my laptop, but that can't really be added until last minute. So, essentially, I am done! I think I'll actually put the bag into my car after I clean/vacuum it out so that I have it wherever I am.

That's about it for today! ;) Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Happy Valentine's day friend! I haven't forgotten about your fingerless mitts...they are my next project!

    You'll have to let me know when Ali finds out the sex, I'm curious to know!!

    Enjoy this day of love <3

  2. Oh! I will let you know for sure!

    No rush on the gloves! My hands have been super hot lately so I won't need them until I get back to work! ;)

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you! :-) Joel loved his card, and now it's on the fridge!

    Glad you got some non-embarrassing things for your hospital bag. I should clean out my undies drawer and buy new stuff... lord knows how old that stuff is! lol