Thisty Thursday

Ok, not for me, but for others!

Anyway - today I set up my official last day of work if I do happen to go late. I'll work up until the day before my due date. My due date is Saturday, March 19. So, if I haven't gone into labor yet, the 18th will be my last day. That means just 16 more days of work. :) If I can get a note from my doctor too, then I can start my short term disability early. That would be sweet.

Also, I decided against begging to be induced at 40 weeks. I really prefer not to be induced, because I know that it can bring on stronger contractions faster than your body can work up to processing them. I'd rather go into labor naturally if I can. But I know that if I'm getting to 41 weeks I will definitely want to be induced. Either way, I knew I wouldn't want to be working after 40 weeks, because it means non stress tests at the hospital and I'm sure I'm going to feel like, OMG get this baby out! (like I'm not already) so it makes the most sense to stop working at my due date.

In other news - I am definitely planning to create a paper crafts division of The Perfect Loop. I think I will probably set up a separate Etsy shop for it as well, assuming I can use the same paypal account. My thought is to call it The Perfect Loop Paper, a division of The Perfect Loop. And then link to our main shop so that shoppers can see our feedback. I'd split up the website to show both business lines, create new business cards for the paper division, and I plan to sign up for a few craft shows in the fall with two tables, one for jewelry and one for paper crafts. I'll need to work on getting items up online by say, June, though, so that I can use examples for signing up for shows. I'm quite excited about this - I just love crafting and selling some of the stuff I make allows me to keep crafting. Otherwise, I would just have a bunch of cards and stuff sitting around at home!

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