I tried taking a jacuzzi last night for the first time since I became pregnant. I kept reading/hearing that baths would help relieve some of the discomfort in my belly, or maybe make me a bit weightless, It did NOTHING for me. In fact, I think my back hurt more when I got out of the tub than it did when I got in. Sigh.

On Saturday I'll be 35 weeks. Just 5 to go, maybe 6 - I know how people feel about it but if I hit 41 weeks I am insisting on being induced. I obviously would prefer to go into labor naturally, I really don't WANT to be induced, but I'm just...I'm NOT doing this longer than another 6 weeks. I'm ready, I'm done, I've been done since about 3 days into my morning sickness.

I have a long to do list that I'm trying to narrow down one or two things a night. I still have to pack my hospital bag. I have to get a few newborn sized diapers, and some formula (but I need to wait until next week to find out what the hospital uses - I forgot to ask at the childbirth class). I have to clean the house. I want to organize the laundry room cabinets to house all the cleaning supplies and medicines so that we can easily childproof when the time comes. (Obviously that isn't necessary to do before he gets here). I have two birthdays coming up in March. I have an order for jewelry I need to fill tonight. Still have to make another Valentine's Day card (more if I can). I need to get the stroller/carseats set up, I have to clean out my car so Brad can install the carseat, the list just goes on and on.

And our heat is broken. Again. We moved into this house a year and a half ago, and the downstairs furnace has had 3 problems now. Last year, we woke up to smoke and burning rubber smell in the house - it was a blown motor. This is a BRAND NEW FURNACE, mind you, as the house was brand new when we moved in. That was fixed, then this winter, it's been smelling kind of burny every time it turns on. That is supposedly just dust in the coils (which doesn't surprise me, the furnace is in Brad's workshop), but then suddenly the heat wasn't coming on. They said it was some easy fix, and he fixed it. Three days later, the motor is dying again. Thankfully, this is the furnace for the downstairs - we still have heat from the upstairs furnace heating the 2nd floor. But it's frustrating. We do have a 2 year warranty on this thing but having problems several times in the first year and a half of it's life, wtf is going happen when our warranty runs out? At what point do they have to provide a new furnace?

And this morning coming out of my driveway (which is a fairly steep hill with no sun), my car did the opposite of what I told it to do. It went backwards into the mailbox. Then I tried going back up the driveway a bit in low, and the car spun sideways, and then I slid down the driveway sideways. I managed to eventually turn the car into the road in the wrong direction, and then do a 3 point turn to make it out the right way. It was scary, and I had to call Brad and pretty much demand he do something about the ice tonight. I'd be out there if I could. If i wasn't 8 months pregnant I'd go out and chop it or sand it myself. I HAVE to rely on him to do things like this.

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