Sleeping and dreams

I've always had pretty detailed dreams my whole life, and I can usually remember bits of them. Since becoming pregnant, the dreams have spiraled into new levels of weirdness. Early on, I had a dream the baby was a goldfish and I dropped it and lost it. About a week before we found out we were having a boy, I dreamed I had a boy and he said Mama when he was two days old. I have loads of sex-related dreams, with everyone from people I know to Brad to women. (Last night I was getting busy with a nurse).

Last night I had a strange dream about childbirth. I was in labor, but didn't know it because I couldn't feel my contractions at all. (This is something that's been on my mind lately because I haven't felt any braxton hicks at all, and I worry I won't feel my contractions and know I'm in labor! Silly, I know, but I can't help wondering). Anyway, in the dream, I went to the hospital, and then suddenly I was waking up with a baby. I'd apparently passed out as soon as I got to the hospital, and I couldn't remember the birth process, though Brad swore I was awake for it. I'd had an epidural, too, and I pushed him out really quick. But I couldn't remember a thing about the labor & delivery, and it really upset me. On the one hand, it was over and I had a healthy baby, but on the other hand, I felt like I had missed out on the process and I was very upset that I'd apparently given in to an epidural when I just

It was just this weird dream that I woke up from feeling even more determined not to have that epidural.

As far as sleeping itself - my nights are so weird. Early on I'd be in bed super early (like, 9pm, which is about 3 hours early for me) and up at 6am (or earlier), never needing an alarm clock. I'd wake up super sick of course, and have to sit and eat/drink and fill up my belly to feel better. But, I slept through the night other than having to pee a couple times. Middle of pregnancy was a more normal time schedule for sleeping, and mostly just getting up to pee. Third trimester though - ugh! I go to sleep about 11:30, wake up about 7:30, but I'm up like clockwork at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 4:30, and 6 to pee. I also am woken up every half hour or so with hip pain, or this weird belly stretching that is a new thing (my stomach & legs uncontrollably stretch, and it's very uncomfortable and causes me to gasp as I struggle to breathe). But what is so weird is those half hour stretches feel like they're about 6 hours long! When I wake up at 12:30, it feels like 4am and I can't believe I've only been sleeping for an hour. Not that I feel like I've had 5 hours of rest, but that it just feels SO LONG. I think the dreams are so vivid that it seems I've been asleep for much longer than I have been.

It's just all so weird.


  1. Ah yes, I remember weird pregnancy dreams for sure. They continued after I delivered for a couple weeks....crazy hormones.

    Don't worry about not feeling the braxton hicks, when I went in a few times for nonstress tests apparently I was having contractions I was unaware of. But I sure could tell when I was having real ones ;-)

    You're almost there .... I'm wishing an easy quick delivery for you!!!

  2. Your post reminded me that I wanted to send you this link :)

  3. ooh, reading it now. one of the books i'd been reading mentioned that some places in california used the laughing gas. it didn't sound like there were too many places that did it though :(