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I find myself totally free this weekend, which is both good and bad. Good, in that I should be able to get a lot done on my to do list. Bad, in that I may find myself bored and lonely!!!

Anyway, tonight, Brad has his nerd games, so I'll be doing a very quick run to Market Basket after work, and then I plan to settle into bed with the cross stitch pattern I bought last night. I did about an hour and a half on it last night, doing a very, very, very small section (one star and some blue around it). Just relaxing tonight.

This weekend, I want to try to do all of the following, LOL:

Some of the pregnancy scrapbook - I started on Tuesday night but didn't get very far.
More on the cross stitch

To Do's:
Clean out car - vacuum and wash down the windows/dash
Clean our bedroom, and our bathroom
Organize our closet (shouldn't take too long, just a few things are scattered around in there)
Organize the kitchen cabinets to make a space for bottles

If I can get at least that far on my "cleaning" list that would be great. If I have more time, I'll try for more but I want to be realistic. I know that doing just one of those tasks is going to wear me out!

I did find out today from the doctor that I reaaallly don't need to buy formula before Austin comes. I'd thought it would be good to have a few days worth at home but the doc said I will be given some in the hospital, and it's not a matter of which brand but what type to get because he may not be able to digest certain types, so it's best to wait to buy that. So, that's good. I just need newborn diapers and then I think I have everything he needs for his arrival. Later on we have to get another mattress for mom's house and bedding for that crib but I have until the end of my maternity leave to get that stuff. Oh, and a second pack & play at some point (a less expensive one).

So...I'm excited to cross stitch! :) It really is relaxing to do. I enjoy it so much, but I never buy them because I never know what to do with them once they're done. But there are baby blankets and pillow cases and things I could try doing.

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