Monday ramblings

My camera arrived on Saturday – it is now working again, though I do notice that I can hear it running when it’s turned on, but that might have been the case before too, I don’t know because I didn’t have long with it and most of when I was using it I was out in noisy crowds. I’m excited to be able to start using it to photograph my crafting projects and Austin when he gets here.

I’m exhausted lately. Saturday night I went to bed two hours early. I keep waking up just wiped out. I can’t seem to nap during the day though – I just can’t really get comfortable enough or I’ve just eaten and can’t lie down because of heartburn. Only 6 more weeks! (Hopefully!).

We got the shelving for Austin’s closet on Saturday after the baby class and Brad installed it. I was able to clean up his room yesterday and get stuff put away. We have to store the baby tub in the regular tub though, at least for now, because it’s too big to fit in the closets or under the sink. There really doesn’t seem a convenient place to store a baby tub! I packed up my diaper bag that Chi Chi gave me with two outfits for him to possibly go home in (one newborn, one 3 month size) and the bundleme. The hospital said I won’t need anything else so I am not packing diapers or any of that. Plus it’s only a 20 minute ride home.

I need to pack my own hospital bag next. I’d like to pick up some nice pajamas for the hospital and maybe some comfy pants. I’ll pack up paperwork I’ll need, and I’ll set up my ipad and ipod and camera over the next couple of weeks to be ready for the hospital. I think I’m going to plan to bring my laptop as well, so that I’ll be able to put pictures I take on my camera right up online.

I was thinking this weekend – I need to make sure that when I send out the text with Austin’s picture when he’s born, that I let everyone know first not to post it online anywhere until they see a post from me on Facebook. Most people will get that, but I can just see my sister plopping it right up online before I’ve had a chance to talk to Brad’s parents or something. I think maybe I’ll hold off sending the picture text until I’ve talked over the phone to those who deserve a phone call, you know?

I took Shannon’s advice and told my sister that I’d show her how to do her taxes this year and going forward she can do them herself. I told her she can continue to use my software but she’s responsible for doing them and filing them, because I may not have time going forward, and I don’t want to be doing it when she ends up getting married or whatever.

Oh, and I have to make my Valentine’s Day cards in the next few nights so I can get them done in time! I’m only doing a few – probably just for my mom and Brad, maybe one for a few other people if I get ambitious, so they shouldn’t take too long.

I guess that’s it. I’ll do my 30 day challenge tonight.


  1. DEFINITELY tell people not to post them on FB etc. You'd think it was common sense, but as evidenced by some of my "friends" it isn't...people are stupid and selfish with the biggest news of other people's lives.

  2. Yeah, we made it a rule that no pictures of Charlotte go on Facebook until one of us put them up.