Mmmm. Nachos...

I cannot stop eating junk food. I eat a bunch of fruit, and some veggies, of course, and I have been making beef and barley soup once a week (which makes several meals), so I do get some healthy stuff in. But man, I love donuts, and slim jims, and nachos, and poptarts, and I am on a major edamame kick. I know there's some debate about soy (and I haven't read up on it), but I love edamame. Since I went out to dinner with Shannon not too long ago, I've been craving it. So I've been making it at home over the past week, almost every day.



  1. I'm so bad... I saw "Nachos..." and thought, "Yes?" ;)

    Uggggghhhh, donuts. I could really go for one right now. And edamame sounds really good, too, especially with sea salt! Om nom nom.

  2. Man, oh man! I love junk food too. I love pringles! And I love slim jims and chocolate cake! And I am undeniably envious of anyone who eats poptarts. Mmm yes please! :-)
    ut oh! You've made me hungry... I wish this protein shake was a Krispy Kreme!