Is it Monday again?

Tomorrow is March 1st. The month I'll become a mom! That is CRAZY. And yet, I am SO OMG READY for him to get here. ;)

This weekend I had a wonderful playdate with Mama Castner. We scrapbooked all day Saturday (taking a break for some yummy lunch). I was able to complete my pregnancy album up to the point of the baby shower.

On Sunday, I decided to just force myself to finish my wedding album. I was only about halfway through, after multiple days of working on it with either Lindsay or Shannon, so it was a huge task left to complete it. But I DID IT. And it felt GREAT. I spent about 5 hours working on it - I just sorted out all the photos I'd want in the rest of the album, counting how many pages I had left so that I could ensure I didn't run out of room, and then I used the paper slicer and cut up all the mats I'd need. And then just glued, glued, glued! After all the pictures were in I went back and added some stickers or embellishments. Thankfully, I was smart, and didn't try to make this a true scrapbook, so I didn't need to spend a ton of time figuring out layouts or what paper to use, etc. When I was given this as a shower present from a coworker, I realized that it was a pretty expensive album, and she'd had our names printed on the front and everything. So I figured I would make it more of a traditional wedding album - just photos on matting.

After I'd finished, I made Brad look through it. Haha. That's the least he could do for all that work I did. I am so glad to have it done though. It was on my to do list for almost 2 years, and something I really wanted to finish before Austin came.

You hear that Austin? I finished it. Which means, you can head south anytime now!

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  1. Yay for March!

    Yay for a lovely scrapbooking date!

    Yay for finishing your album....seriously, now he can come already!