Fun old photos

I had a scanning project for Shannon to do and while I was at it, I thought I'd scan a couple of my awful yearbook pictures, and then Brad's senior yearbook pictures (he was SO cute!).

5th Grade - I do not know who Florence Joyner is, nor do I know any songs by ABC. I think I was trying to be cool and copy some other people in our class. I also DESPISE the nickname Missy. Oh, and I think that my mom felt bad when I put that I admire my dad the most so I made up a story that the typist left off "and mom."
7th grade..what's with the perm?
8th grade. God, the giant glasses.
And then Brad's pictures. I can't get over how freakin' cute he was! I would SO date this guy. ;)
And the group shot - he's the one in the cowboy hat in front!
Man, I loooove him :)
Oh, and then there's these two from his old driver's license and his college ID.
:) :) :)


  1. omg theeee beeeaaarrdddd!!!
    He is the cutest! ahhh!

  2. These are great!

    Austin will sure love seeing these pictures when he's older :-)