A couple of pregnancy things

First, during our birth class this past weekend, one of the diagrams I got extreme joy in her showing was one that showed the round ligament. I'd actually been experiencing round ligament pain (RLP) that morning - to me, it feels like something inside me, around where my appendix would be, is being torn in half, slowly. When she showed this picture, I was glad that Brad (and other dudes in the class) were able to finally SEE why we can be in so much pain sometimes. I found the same picture (I think it's the same one) online and wanted to share. It looks like your uterus is a giant hot air balloon being tethered to the ground by just one teeny tiny string.

Second thing, a little more light hearted, I wanted to link to a cute blog about pregnancy brain I came across on Pregnant Chicken. I love Pregnant Chicken. It gives me a little bit of laughter in this mass of miserableness called pregnancy.

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