Baby Face @ 36 weeks

We got to see baby Austin today! Probably for the last time until he's born (if all continues to go well). Everything looks good - fluid levels are perfect, he's measuring perfect. He's head down, facing a little towards my left side. Estimated weight is 6 pounds, so Dr. says I won't need to worry about a 9 or 10 pound baby.

It was neat seeing how much he'd grown since the last ultrasound, but it's harder to get good shots of him now because he's so big. I did get a facial shot though!

Here's his face! Picture him looking at you and cocking his head to his left, it's a bit of an angled photo. You can see his eyes, nose in the middle of the picture, and his mouth kind of open. The blob on the left hand side of the picture is his right hand.

Edit: If you're having trouble seeing it - it's hard when you're not seeing the moving ultrasound at the same time, here's one with labels.


  1. Amazing!! He's beautiful!

    Glad everything is going well! :-)

  2. I had to call in an expert (my friend Sue) to help decipher the picture. Once I "got it" I was thrilled! :-) Its crazy to see his little face! I can't wait to meet his little self!!