I am very tired of people, namely my mother, insisting that they know me and my baby better than I do.

Today, she tried to get me to take less maternity leave. She insists that I should use up my vacation time all at once (I'm not, actually) because I'll be so tired later in the year I'll want time off.
  • I get unlimited sick time. If I need a day off, I can take it
  • I will have another 30-40 hours vacation by years end, and we're not planning any trips, so that'll be there for me to use
  • I have a husband, who will be taking 50% (if not more, because that's how he is) of the child care. My grandfather never helped with the babies, so my grandmother thinks I won't have help. My mom was a single parent for awhile and her second husband didn't help, so she assumes I won't have help. I will have help.
She constantly tells me that the baby is going to figure out what's best for him. No kidding, I am not so stupid that I don't think there will be things we just have to figure out work best for Austin. But when I tell you that I'm not planning to keep the kid out for late birthday parties because I'd like to attempt to keep him on some sort of schedule (if not for his sake, for mine and Brad's), don't insist that babies can sleep anywhere and it'll be fine.

Also, I am REALLY sick of hearing "get sleep now because you won't get any when he's here" and "you won't sleep after the baby is born." Actually, even though I am fully aware that there could be circumstances, like colic, that keep a baby up all night, I know for a fact, I will sleep more once he comes. Because I have been waking up every half hour for the past 3 months, either to pee, or because of hip pain, or heartburn. 
  • Brad will be helping out. He can get up to feed Austin, or change him, where as he cannot take away some of the hip pain for a night, or cure my heartburn, or pee for me so I can stay asleep.
  • Not breastfeeding should mean that Austin sleeps a little longer intervals than breastfeeding babies.
  • I won't have to get up every half our to pee, change positions, or take Gaviscon

I know that because she's had two babies she thinks she knows better, but this is as annoying as a teenager who thinks they're parents are idiots. I'm not an idiot. And this is MY baby. Not hers. She's had two to raise, it is my turn now.

She told me today I shouldn't use a jumparoo, and that she won't allow one at her house. Something about babies being in them before they can walk themselves. Um, i thought that's what they were let the baby move around before he can do it himself. What would be the point of a jumparoo once the baby can walk? But whatever. I'll get one for my house.

It's just very annoying. Enough with the "i know better than you" attitude!


  1. I wanted to murder everyone who told me I'd never sleep again when the baby came. You will sleep again. I think those people are just bitter because their babies suck :P