30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19 – Disrespecting your parents

Eh, when I was a teenager my mom and I didn’t get along so well. Mostly because she hated the guy I was dating. (She was on to something there). So I’d lie about where I was going or I’d sneak out when I was supposed to be babysitting. Of course, one time, my sister (who you all know I hate) told me to go ahead and go out with my boyfriend and she would keep the secret. It only took until later that night for her to go to my mom and say “I just wanted to tell you Melissa went out with Chris today instead of babysitting me.” Douche. ;)

Other than this, I try to be respectful of my parents, and I think I do a good job of it. My mom was the best mom that I could have asked for growing up – she taught me to be responsible, she taught me not to be spoiled because she didn’t just give us everything we demanded, and she was a generally involved mom without being the omg all about my kid type – something I respect and want to be. She loved her kids, but we did not consume her every moment. She had things she wanted to do, and adult activities to go to, and we knew our place. Well-rounded, I’d like to say.

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