30 Day challenge: day 16

I think I'm a day late on this. Oh well.

Day 16 – Your views on mainstream music

I’m not really sure what I can write about this, other than there is entirely too much crap on the radio now. I’m sick of shitty hip hop songs that have dumb lyrics. I can’t stand all the whiny alternative stuff out there now, seems like there’s a bunch of male artists that sound exactly the same, and their voices are high pitched and whiny. I HATE Rihanna. The girl does not have a good voice. I really hate that Kiss 108 plays the same song or the same artist several times an hour. Want to guarantee you’ll hear that brand new top 40 song soon? Turn to Kiss 108. It’s just all crap! But there’s the occasional good song I want to hear so that’s why I don’t just turn off the radio.

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