30 day challenge: day 15

Day 15 - Your favorite tumblrs.

I don't read tumblrs. In fact, I'd never heard of a tumblr until a couple of months ago. So, I'll list out my top 5 favorite blogs/sites. These are blogs I visit on a daily basis. Several of them are in my side margin link list.

Pregnant on LiveJournal - pregnancy community on livejournal. While I'm there, I also regularly check my friends page, and entries in Snarky Moms and Snarky Brides.

We Kin Get Thin! - Shannon's blog. I love reading her updates and seeing her pictures!

Mama Castner - Lindsay's blog. She regularly updates with crafts she's been working on or cute posts about her adorable little boy, Cameron!

Fearless Formula Feeder - I've thoroughly enjoyed this blog. One of the most interesting parts is that on Fridays, she has posts by other women who discuss their own experience trying to breastfeed and ending up on formula, and have learned not to be ashamed by it. I enjoy this blog because the majority of the internet is very much anti-formula feeding. There doesn't appear to be any active communities on LJ for formula feeding, so finding this site was wonderful.

Facebook - I know, not really a blog but a site I check several times a day, probably more than any other site. I check it on my computer, on my phone, on my ipad. It's like a blog written by a good 150 people (or however many people are on my friends lists right now). I love Facebook. I like being able to see pictures of my friends and their children. I like having an outlet for venting sometimes and getting immediate responses. Facebook can be a pain in the butt sometimes too, but it's widely popular, and I like it.

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