28 days left

28 days sounds shorter than 4 weeks, lol.

Brad is out taking Summer on a dinner date...even though he told her he didn't approve of her dating. Figure that one out. I was invited but declined. Mostly because I am just so tired, I wanted to just stay home this weekend. Also, I don't approve of the dinner, but she is not my kid and since I am not allowed to parent her, I am just letting him deal with it. I have my own kid coming I need to worry about.

Got a few things knocked off the to do list today. Cleaned out my car, swept the garage and basement steps, washed the baby bottles and parts and boiled the nipples, made room in the cabinet for them, and we set up the stroller system and tested the baby monitor. Brad still needs to mount the monitor and install the car seat base into my car but we are in good shape.

I'm trying to decide if I have any energy left for some of the other to do list items. I may clean the closet tonight, or perhaps work on getting music onto my iPad. Or maybe I will just chill out and watch a movie and do my cross stitch.

I keep waking up more tired every day. I did find a comfy enough position last night and only recall one episode of hip pain, going to try that again tonight.

Blah blah, ok done rambling.

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  1. You were more productive than me this weekend and I don't have a pregnancy to blame. I was just lazy. lol