Xyron Creatopia

I went ahead today and purchased my Creatopia machine. I had asked for one for Christmas, and instead wound up with an entirely different Xyron machine. The one she bought me is a 5" laminating, adhesive, and magnet machine that will at least be useful.

Anyway, luckily I had Amazon certificates to use towards it. I purchased the machine, and the borders starter kit, and another border pattern. The borders kits are embossers. They emboss a pattern onto a sheet of paper. The starter kit comes with a flower pattern, and I also got a hearts pattern. I thought these would be cool for card making.

I am super excited for the machine, as it does pretty much everything. Once I buy the cutz starter kit, the machine can cut edges onto paper, like scallops, better than those silly patterned scissors I have.

The next thing I will get though is the shapez starter kit. This basically turns the machine into a die cut machine. I can use almost any of the die cut templates out there, like cuttlebug and sizzix, and my machine will cut. If I remember, the sizzix machines are like, $300 themselves! Very excited to get the die cut attachment.

Once I get it and try out the borders I will post pictures!

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