Two things I found interesting

One, was this article on Yahoo, which I also posted about on my LJ:

The second, was part of a post on the Fearless Formula Feeder's blog. Specifically, this:

I brought my own formula, after a lengthy discussion with my pediatrician (who, knowing my history and field of study, not only respected my decision but looked at me with arched eyebrows when I said I was planning on nursing in the hospital and said, "You know you don't have to do that." She also told me that our hospital needed to meet a certain percentage of mothers nursing at least at time of discharge or they lose funding. Talk about coercion)

Reading this makes me question how "valid" the breastfeeding percentage numbers are for Emerson, which in 2007 was listed as 87.11% (Women who breastfed their infants upon discharge). That is a HUGE percentage, and while I know breastfeeding rates have gone up, that means only 13% of moms formula feed? I seriously doubt that's true after they leave the hospital. I am very concerned they will pressure the crap out of me at the hospital to breastfeed.

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