This is DAMN impressive

I got this link from my sister in law. And I am seriously astounded.

You think of a character (real, fiction, alive or dead) and it asks you 20 questions. Based off your answers, it guesses who you are thinking of.

I, of course, used Shawn Michaels. If you don't know wrestling, you probably haven't heard of him - he's really huge in the WWE (well, he's retired now, but is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time). Anyway...

The thing guessed correctly!

I literally shouted out "OMG!" at work when the correct answer popped up. Amazing.

EDIT: I did this again with Rachel from Friends and Yokozuna, and it got those right too. (It asked me on question like, 6 if it was a character from Friends, followed by a bunch of totally wacky questions so it knew early on). This thing is just amazing!


  1. Hahaha, I love that you picked Shawn Michaels. I picked Slash and the genie seemed like he was going in the right direction, but then he got lost and asked me something about Bullet for My Valentine, so I knew he was having a little trouble. He guessed incorrectly, but with a few more questions, Slash popped up on the screen!

    Thank you. You've just given me one more tool to help me procrastinate packing the apartment.

  2. Hehehe. My brother did Al Bundy, Screech, and Tommy Boy and it guessed them all correctly! :) This thing rules!