Random updates

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging too much in the past couple of weeks. I was catching up from vacation, working on year end close at work, and the past few days, have been suffering from a bad cold. I haven't had time to do any crafts, so there hasn't been that many things to update about once I posted about vacation and the letters for the nursery last week.

I did want to post a video on the Creatopia machine I ordered, which is on it's way. This explains all 3 attachment systems for the machine, so you can get a good idea of what it can do!

Also, a little to do list of crafty things I hope to accomplish over the year. How much of this is going to be possible with little Austin on his way, I have no idea!

1) Finish pregnancy scrapbook - lets say, by 1 month after Austin is born
2) Finish wedding scrapbook - before Austin comes, hopefully, by the end of February.
3) Make some cute Valentine's Day cards
4) Start a scrapbook for baby Austin
5) Make jewelry
6) Make cards and tags and other items for the Etsy shop
7) Make my own Christmas tags, this time, enough for all the gifts. ;) I need to start earlier!

That's my main priority list, but I know other things will come up. I already am planning the color/alphabet/numbers books for little Austin, but I think those can probably wait until next year.

Finally, some good news. I found something that has (at least temporarily) taken away my hip pain at night. I went to Joann Fabrics and purchased, for $40, a queen size foam mattress pad, and triple folded it. Laying on that has dramatically reduced any discomfort in my hips from sleeping on my side. I am thrilled. Even if it doesn't work for the entire next two months, temporary relief is still relief, and it makes me happy.

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