I am now craving milk like woah. Milk, and sweets.

Baby is moving around most of the time now - he sleeps a little during the day but there's quite a bit of movement, and at night it's like he's having his own little mosh pit in there.

I thought I'd found the cure for my hip pain - not entirely, but it is definitely better. However, as the hip pain is winding down, the sciatica is starting up. Sunday was the worst day so far. While shaving my legs in the shower it kicked in and I was screaming and crying in pain. I had to stop and sit to finish my knees. It thankfully stayed away most of the baby shower, but when I got home, I couldn't get up the stairs to go to the bedroom. Brad had to help me, being my crutch so I didn't put weight on my right foot.

I'm hitting freakout mode now. Baby is 2 months away from being here, and I still feel so unprepared. The baby classes will help, but I'm just really scared that I'm not going to have the right stuff in the house when he first comes home, or that I'm not going to know what he needs, or that I'm going to drop him or something. I'm scared for how it's going to change our home life too. I can't really imagine what it's going to be like having a baby to take care of. It certainly will mean less time to do things we want to do, and less alone time. Will it feel like I have a permanent houseguest? Or will I love him as much as I love his daddy? Brad is the one person who I miss when I'm at work, who I want to be with 24/7 if I could. Will I feel this way about Austin? I hope so. It would certainly make the transition easier.

Hmmm...in non baby related stuff, I'm hoping to get some crafting done tonight! I want to try out my new embossing powders (really excited to see what the glitter ones look like!). Here's hoping I have enough energy to get some stuff done tonight! Oh! And MAYBE my Creatopia will come today!


  1. You're right, the baby classes will definitely help.

    I haven't forgotten about your email. Cameron has had another double ear infection so he's had most of my attention lately! But when I'm back at work tomorrow I'll have time to respond properly.

    Also, I can try my best to help when we go shopping in 2 weeks! Maybe we should start at your house so I can assess what you already have.

    You will be fine! :-)

  2. SarahBeth helped me out today big time with what she thinks I'll need too, so no rush on your email (but I'll still happily take the advice since you've got a little boy and you used formula later on).

    I'll make a list before we go shopping of what I've got (its a good thing for me to have), and we can go from there!