Oh hello Monday...you suck!

I got up this morning around 7:45, went to the bathroom, and then went back to my comfy bed to have my breakfast. When I got up at 8:10 to shower, I went to turn the faucet on for the cats to drink and nothing came out. Slight gurgly sound, which was freaky, but no water.

I tried the other faucet and the shower, nothing. So I called Brad, and tried other faucets in the house. Nothing. He eventually found a number to call in the town, so I did, and turns out they just had a water main break.

I ended up packing up all my stuff and taking a shower at my mom's house. Poor kitties kept looking at me wondering why I wasn't letting them drink from the tap this morning :(

It's apparently still out because I just got a call from my neighbor asking if we were having water trouble too. They thought their pipes had frozen. I gave them the number they can call for status on the main break.

I hope it gets repaired by this evening! A woman has got to pee!

UPDATE: There's two breaks, apparently, one on my street, one on the adjacent road. She said it was going to take longer than usual to fix and couldn't tell me if they'd be done by the end of the (business) day. Just that they'd work until it was repaired, even if that was overnight.


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