My Tutorial: Organizing Paper Scraps

Something that had been bothering me for a long time was a way to organize my paper scraps so that I remembered to use them for projects. I save absolutely everything, so I have SO many paper scraps. I decided the best thing would be to organize by color.

These are my scraps, pre-project.

I decided to use a divided organizer that I'd received for Christmas, and file folders so that I could easily pull a pile of scraps out of a particular section. I had legal size folders, so I trimmed them to the size of the divided organizer.
Next, I organized the scraps by color. I trimmed funky edges from some of them if I knew I wouldn't use that edge, and I put smaller scraps into plastic baggies.
I then labeled the sections of the organizer by color so that I could easily find the color I was looking for. A section labeled patterns is for items where I couldn't really identify a primary color.
The whole process took about 4 hours because I had so many scraps, but I felt so accomplished afterwards!

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  1. Hi, I was looking for embossing folder storage and went to your website and also seen where you had a post on paper scrap organization and decided to check it out too cuz I really liked your embossing folder storage. Well... I have to TOTALLY AGREE on this old method of storing your paper scraps! This is how I had mine stored until 2 days ago, needless to say, I had paper scraps EVERYWHERE but in their proper folder! But not anymore! I was so disgusted with that file folder system, so I pulled every lil' piece that was in there and put in a container and I'm going to donate all of them and some paper that is very old to a friend of my DIL's who works for a low budgeted school and can't afford supplies so the teachers have to purchase whatever supplies they may want out of their own pocket. So I feel good about getting rid of all I have knowing it's going to a very good place! Just thought I would share with you on "what not to do" for me as well! Thanks for sharing your tips! I'm off to scour the rest of your organizational tips! Have a very blessed craftin' day! Sheryl