My Creatopia is complete!

Today the Shapez component finally arrived. Yesterday my Cuttlebugs that I ordered arrived, so tonight I took some time to test it out, along with the Cutz component. Tonight, I just had time to play, because I had a visitor and Teen Mom is on at 10 and I can't miss that. But either tomorrow or Thursday, I'll be making something with the Creatopia, and I can't wait to show you! I took photos tonight though, to show you all the fabulousness!

The Shapez component comes with the roller/press part, and a set of plates. There are instructions that tell you what order the plates need to go in depending on what brand of die or embossing folder you are using. I purchased three sets of Cuttlebugs combos - they are die cuts and embossers. I tried one of them tonight.

First, you place the die in the stack of plates:

Roll it through the machine:
Out pops the die cut!
The next step using the Cuttlebugs is to put the die cut into one of four embossing folders, and run it through the machine again.
Final result! I LOVE this.
I purchased three sets of these - a set of four presents, a set of four butterflies, and the coolest one, a "flower maker." It has four embossing folders but there are so many combinations. You can even make dragonflies.
Next I tried the Cutz component. The starter includes a straight cutter, but I also purchased the postage and deckle set.

One final thing I did tonight - I had an Etsy order for the set of 25 Happily Ever After tags, so I wanted to make up a little matchbook notepad thank you. I used the heat embossing tool Shannon gave me to emboss The Perfect Loop's logo onto the cover :)
I'm getting the hang of the embossing tool. For one thing, I have found that using regular stamp ink over the clear pad allows more embossing powder to stick, which makes the finish a bit smoother. 

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