Feeling ambitious

I think it's too early for it to be nesting, but I was rather productive this weekend. I did five loads of baby laundry between Saturday and Sunday. All the clothes have been washed and folded or hung up, and all the bedding and receiving blankets and bath towels have also been washed. We did the shopping on Saturday and I inventoried every item we have so far. I also updated our registries because apparently, there's still to be an absentee shower over in California. We don't need too much, but I told Brad to let his mom know we could use more clothes for after 6 months old. We've got plenty for 3 months, I believe, and even quite a bit for 6 months.

I hung up the banner Shannon made for the baby shower across the window in the nursery. Plugged in the small TV that's in there (this is mostly for me, early on, because I love TV so much. Later, we'll be getting a very small flat screen and a DVD player so we could put kids movies on for him). Yes, my child will be a TV addict just like me.

Things I need to do:
Clean out Austin's closet of the games and linens currently inside
Fold and put away all sheets/blankets
Set up the bathroom for baby (sorry Summer, you've got to share now)
Pack my hospital bag
Read The Happiest Baby on the Block (thank you SarahBeth!) and What to Expect The First Year (thank you to Lindsay)
Pick up going home outfit and some pharmacy type items
Do a COMPLETE house cleaning before he gets here
Clean & vacuum my car

I still need to finish my wedding scrapbook, and as much of the pregnancy scrapbook I can. I'm waiting for the pictures from the baby shower to come back (should be this week or next week, I expect).

Make baby shower thank you cards - my shapez component is on it's way, and the cutz one was delivered last week, so I'm almost ready to make those.

Feeling really good at the moment. I am making beef soup again tonight and am hoping I can maintain feeling really good so that I can get some of my to do list done tonight!

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