Disney Photos (aka picture post of doom)

This one is so long, I am going to have to put it under a jump. I will, however, give you one preview pic! Also, I put a bunch up on facebook here. Supposedly you don't need to be on Facebook to see them. The pics under the jump include stuff that's not on Facebook - I really used Facebook mostly for the pics of us.

These have no real order other than what I come across as I sort through pics.

Steam coming off the pool because it was so cold the first couple days:
A shot of the resort

Holy strollers!
At the Sci Fi Dine In Theater

The 50's cafe:

MGM Dancing Christmas Lights. These were pretty amazing. They played songs by Trans Siberian Orchestra and the lights would dance with the music. I have a couple of videos, I'll try to post them in a separate post later on sometime.

Us with the princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table. Lunchtime is apparently the best time to go, since you get to visit with all the princesses. Also, someone got engaged while we were there!
This picture was in the elevator, advertising the fitness center. I couldn't stop giggling at how this just reminded me of Kelly from Saved By The Bell. I took this photo just to show Shannon!

Pictures from Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure:

And finally, super cute baby stuff for Austin from Disney!

Thats a hat, socks, a rattle, two onesies, a t-shirt, a fleece hoodie, a Pirates hoodie (it says Dead Men Tell No Tales) and some fleece footie pjs! :)

Ok, done now! ;)

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