Creatopia! Squeeeeee!

My Creatopia arrived today. Of course, I couldn't wait to try it out. I also opened up (but didn't try yet, because I don't have anything to laminate or put adhesive on at this second) my 5" creative station.

This is the 5" creative station. Super cute, and I think it will come in handy. My thought for Mother's Day this year for the grandmothers is to make little photo albums for their purses - I can laminate the pages so they don't get ruined.

And for the big guy, the one I've been waiting for! How cute is he? Look at his little FEET!

It comes with permanent adhesive. I removed that refill, and plopped in my border patterns. 

I tried both the flowers and the hearts:

So fun! I can't wait to actually do a project with these.

Tonight, I'm going ahead and ordering up the other two kits! I can't wait to be able to die cut with this thing, and cut borders! :) So excited. This thing is AWESOME.

EDIT: Additional squee. I just found the shapez component on QVC for $26 including shipping. That's half of Amazon's price!


  1. OK, so this stuff is definitely NOT where my creativity lies (I love paper goods but can't for the life of me turn all the adorable bits into a cohesive thing), but I totally want the little laminator! (ok, I want both but would never use the other one) I want to save up for a surger, but I may cave, Pat could use it too for his projects...he told me after Christmas that he would like one eventually...

  2. :) The little one is pretty inexpensive too - just make sure you buy the laminate refill, because it comes with permanent adhesive instead. You can also get a magnet cartridge. I'll email you the links.

  3. Very cool! Looks like fun.

    If you don't mind my asking - what is an estimate of the cost for the Creatopia plus the extras you need to buy for it?

  4. The creatopia was $90, the starter pattern attachment was $23, the cutz was $35, and I found the shapez one for $27 (including shipping)...that one's normally around $60. I lucked out!

    Then of course you buy different patterns and stuff but you have to that with any of the machines like the Cricut and Sizzix, etc.

    So, to get a complete system cost me $175.

    What I like is that for that $175, the machine does the adhesive, the embossing, the cutting, and the die cutting, where if you buy a Cricut it's just the die cutter, so you need separate machines for embossing, etc.