Baby shower! (cross posted)

I just had the most amazing baby shower in the history of showers, I swear.

All I knew was the date. The rest was a total surprise, and what a surprise it was! It was held at the Melting Pot, my favorite restaurant. Surprise number one. She hired my wedding photographer to take pictures! Surprise number two.

And the best surprise? She managed to get my friend Laura, who I met through Snarky Bride and later, Tea and Chat, to come to the shower! I was so overwhelmed when I walked in, between spotting Jen, and everyone staring at me, that when Shannon told me to go and meet Laura, at first I didnt make the connection as to who it was. I hugged her, and then ran to the bathroom, freaking out because I thought I was having pregnancy brain and there was a Laura I was supposed to know. It took a minute to occur to me that it was Laura from live journal, and of course when I figured it out I was so embarrassed! I just never would have expected Shannon to get in touch with my online friends! It was such an amazing and sweet surprise! Laura is so nice and it was absolutely wonderful to meet her. I can't wait until after Austin is born and she, SarahBeth, and I can all get together. SarahBeth, We missed you!

Everyone was so incredibly generous, I can't thank them enough. Baby Austin has lots of new clothes and toys and blankets! Lindsay and shannon got me the scrapbook I wanted for his first six months. We got our stroller and the matching was all so nice!

And, my friend Kimmy had her baby girl today, and I saw Ali who is 12 weeks pregnant. Such a great day!

I am truly overwhelmed with how awesome the shower was. I can't thank Shannon and everyone who came enough.

I should have pictures in a couple of weeks! Pro photos of my shower, how awesome!

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  1. Best baby shower I've been to! And you looked beautiful! You are going to make a wonderful Mama!! :-)