Baby class and shopping

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This morning we had the first of our baby-related classes - infant care. I expected this class to make me feel more at ease about him coming but instead it freaked me out more. Things like seeing that you go through 70-90 diapers a week, or that I need to remember to lock up our medicine and cleaners, or that babies actually get sick sometimes...I wanted to cry several times during the class. It was an intimate class, only 3 couples, both of which are going to be in the next two classes with us as well, and the teacher was SUPER nice. At the end of the class, we got to go to the postpartum floor and watch her give a newborn baby a sponge bath. He was so tiny...that's when I actually started crying. Stupid hormones.

EDIT:  Two things I learned in the class I didn't know? You don't use baby powder anymore in the diaper and that you aren't supposed to swaddle them when they're sleeping for the night. These two things surprised me!

Anyway, I left class feeling even more unprepared than I had been feeling, though I at least learned how to change a diaper! :) So, we went baby shopping. During the week, friends of mine (SarahBeth, Lindsay, and Britt) had sent me lists of items that babies needed. Specifically, what to have in the house when I bring him home. And those lists were IMMENSELY helpful. I also received a list in class today. So, armed with those lists and copies of our registries, we headed to Buy Buy Baby.

I've praised them before, and I'll continue to praise them. Buy Buy Baby is THE BEST. They remember who we are when we walk in the door. The staff are EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and there are always people walking the floors asking if we need help. The gentleman that had come to look at our dresser was working today, and he ended up saving us $160! First off, I added everything I bought today to our registry there (as a lot of it was on the babies r us registry). Then, he applied my 10% completion discount today, rather than me having to come back in with our coupon (that comes near the baby's due date) and get an adjustment. I was able to use a 20% off coupon on the baby monitor, saving us in total $60 on that, and then another $20 babies r us coupon (because BBB accepts BRU coupons) on the pack & play. We ended up ringing in around $850 today - we bought the monitor, the pack & play, the rock & play sleeper, all the sheets we need for the crib, bassinet, and changing pad, another set of bottles, and lots of various other items that we needed. I still need to get more diapers, and formula closer to when he's born, and health items. I also need to get the activity mat and eventually an exersaucer, and we need all the baby proofing items, and a mattress for the crib that will be going to my mom's house. And after I go through the bag of clothes my stepmom gave me and the new items we received, I may need more outfits. Next week I'm shopping with Lindsay for a going home outfit so I will pick some more things up then. I have a $50 gift card to Carter's that will be nice to use next week.

That's it for today! 32 weeks, only 8 left. Holy crap!


  1. The crazy thing about not swaddling the baby at night is that they still do that in the hospital. The nurses we had taught us how to swaddle the baby for sleeping. We have been swaddling but with receiving blankets and light blankets.


  2. Yeah I thought you were supposed to swaddle. I think maybe she meant not with receiving blankets because of possible suffocation, and figure the swaddles that zip up would be fine. I don't know. I think it all depends on your baby and if you swaddle correctly. There are probably people that don't do it properly and cover the baby's mouth by accident.

  3. You must have had the same nurse we had for our infant care class because she told us the same thing about not swaddling to sleep and we were so confused because we thought you were supposed to swaddle them - and the nurse made me feel stupid when I asked her to clarify about it.
    But when we went to our birthing class - we asked our instructor there about it and she was shocked that an instructor at Emerson would tell us that.
    So I don't know - as long as you swaddle correctly you're fine - we swaddled Cameron for the first couple of weeks and then he didn't like it anymore and wanted to bust out so we went with sleep sacks after that. But some babies swaddle for a few months because they like that comfort.
    Ask your instructor at the next class and see what they say.

  4. Good idea Linz! :) I will ask.

    But I'm in agreement with you - if you swaddle them correctly I don't see why it would be a problem.