Adventures in Heat Embossing

Today is my meme's birthday. I can't remember how old she is though, which is just terrible of me. Somewhere in her early 80's, I think. Anyway, since I had some time today, I thought I'd attempt making her a birthday card using my new heat embossing tool that Shannon bought me. One thing I learned? I need more practice! But, not awful for a first attempt.

Here's my tool, and the three colors of powder she also gave me.

So first, I decided to put "Meme" on the outside of the envelope. I first stamped the letters onto the envelope with the clear embossing pad, and then sprinkled on the embossing powder.
Then, shake off the excess.
Next, heat with the embossing tool.
End result. I clearly shook off too much embossing powder. But, not a big deal.
Next, I decided to do some hearts on the back of the envelope:
A bit better.

Here's the finished card. Pretty simple, nothing fancy. The Happy Birthday is also embossed. I think that part came out the best.
I can't wait to play some more!

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