30 day challenge: Day 4

Day 4 - Your views on religion

I don't associate with a religion. I let everyone else practice whatever they believe in, but I don't appreciate it when religion is pushed into my face. Meaning, if I go to a piano recital for Summer and the teacher gets up and praises God and sings religious songs, that will annoy the crap out of me. Someone being nosy and bothering me about baptising/christening my child (which I am not doing) is frankly none of their business. I don't give other people crap about what they believe, so don't give me crap because I don't.

As for why I don't associate with a religion - I have a hard time believing in things that aren't proven fact. I don't believe the stories about Adam and Eve or God creating the world in 7 days. I believe in evolution. I believe Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God. I don't believe in the resurrection. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell.

I do, sometimes, pray to a "God." Who that God is, I don't know. I think sometimes I just hope there's someone there responsible for how things happen. I'll pray to God if there's something I really want, or if I want someone I love to be ok. And I'll thank God if something good happens to me or someone I love. But this is not what I'd call a religion, nor will I join one and go to a church and listen to someone preach to me for an hour. I used to be dragged to Catholic church with my stepmom and stepbrothers and it was pure torture.

That's it.

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