30 day challenge, day 2

Day 2 - Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

In my dream world? Rich enough to live full time in Las Vegas, with a gorgeous home in Summerlin, overlooking the mountains. I’d have my own jewelry shop at the Wynn and Brad would be a successful professional poker player. Austin would be there too but it’s tough to figure out what a 10 year old would be doing other than going to school.

In reality, in 10 years I’ll most likely be pretty much the same as I am now. I have absolutely no idea the future of my company – it is so up in the air because technology changes so quickly, and being owned by an investment firm means they’re going to do whatever makes them the most money, which could mean selling off part of the company or merging it or whatever. But even if I no longer work for this company (or a piece of it), I’ll more than likely have another accounting job. I’ll continue to craft in my spare time, running my Etsy shop, and I’ll be a mom of a 10 year old.

Since Shannon mentioned her pets, I imagine Gizmo will not still be here - the darn cat is 18! But 4.5 years ago I was told he was going to die without medication for his thyroid, and even with thyroid medicine he’d probably only live a couple of years, and he’s still running around playing with the other cats and jumping up on countertops. He’s all bones, in fact, last night I felt something really gross crunchy hard along his side – either ribs or perhaps it COULD have been matted hair..anyway, but Vegas is less than 2 and Ed is either 6 or 7 (I have to go back to one of my journals to figure that out, I never remember), so both of them SHOULD still be here in 10 years. And by then we’ll have a cute golden retriever too.

But yeah, we’ll be living where we live now, with similar or the same jobs we have now. Not much will change, other than that we’ll have a kid to take care of now, and all that having a kid entails.

If I could actually combine the reality with the dream and say where I’d like to be in 10 years, realistically – well, I’d like to not have to work a full time job. I’d like the crafts to be my job. Yeah, that’s about all I could realistically maybe hope for.