Really quick

Started holiday cards this weekend. Halfway done. Exhausted and will have to finish over the next few days. They are SUPER cute, in my personal opinion! They'll be out by end of the week.

Brad painted the nursery yesterday and we decorated it today.

Spent three hours today putting the damned dresser together, and I'm incredibly displeased with it. The crib was so nice, and yet this dresser, from the same company, a dresser that cost us $349, was crap! Not that it's a crappy dresser, the issue is that the factory or whatever that pumped out the parts/panels and drilled all the holes, etc? NOTHING lined up. So after we finally finished with it, there's gaps all over the place between slats of wood and some of the drawers stick or hang funny. Trust me, this is so not a user error. We discovered while putting it together that it was a returned item too - the pack of screws/knobs had been previously opened and re-taped, and someone had tried to use soap to get the dowels to fit into the holes. After about 20 minutes with the thing, we realized why they'd probably returned it! Ridiculous. So, it's put together, but it does not look good and we are not happy with it.

The nursery looks nice though, I'll put up pictures tomorrow, because I'm exhausted tonight and just don't have the energy to do it. I also have pictures of my turkey soup to post too!


  1. That sucks about the dresser!

    Thanks again for crafting with me yesterday! Joel loved the cards (whew!) and I had a blast (as usual) SO glad I get to see you again next weekend!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!!

    That is frustrating about the dresser. Are you going to keep it?

  3. Shannon - yay! I loved crafting with you too! I went to Michaels and had to resist buying that embossing tool before xmas! After I get back from vacation, that sucker is mine!

    Lindsay - yeah, we put it all together and everything, so we'll keep it. But, I think I am going to take a bunch of pictures of all the problems with it and send a letter to Sorelle about my displeasure. It probably won't get me anywhere but it'll make me feel better.