Pain :(

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I’m having a lot of pain today and I’m not sure what it is. I did lots of googling and doesn’t appear to be on any of the lists of “when to call your doctor,” so I’m trying to assume it’s normal and just keep an eye on it. However, it is extremely uncomfortable.

I was fine this morning getting ready and everything, except for my hips aching (which they’ve been doing for weeks), but then I sat down in the car to leave for work and was hit with this intense, like, taking my breath away pain that shot through my upper stomach (think like, just about bottom of ribcage line) through to my back. It was super intense during the ride to work (which is only about 5 minutes long) and since then has slightly dulled to a painful uncomfortable aching in those areas.

Combining this with the baby moving around like WOAH right now, and I assume it’s just discomfort from the movement, or possibly some sort of funky gas or indigestion (though I hadn’t eaten anything but a fruit cup an hour before this pain hit), and eating isn’t changing the pain at all, nor did having a bowel movement.

Doesn’t appear to be Braxton Hicks contractions, as those are described as a tightening (which, thinking more about it, I occasionally think I do get – where my tummy feels super tight like it’s being stretched too far).

I’m sure it’s normal but it hurts a ton.

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  1. Now I wish there was a "don't like" button for this entry! cause it makes me sad!

    Hope it eases up soon :-(