"Mother F*cker!"

Is what I shouted when I saw the mail tonight. Jury duty, on Valentine's Day. At 35 weeks pregnant. Lovely.

Fortunately (if there is a fortunate side to this), it's in Ayer. (The small town I used to live in). No driving to the city for me.

Ugh though. Ugh. This is the third time I've been called for jury duty since I turned 18. I served once, and the last time I had to postpone it because they scheduled it for the day before the wedding, when I'd already be in Vegas, and then they canceled it for the date I'd rescheduled for.

In other news, I started wrapping Christmas presents today. I've only got about...oh...about 75 in total. (That is not an exaggeration, I just counted). Looks like I'm good for about 4 presents a night. That includes time to stamp gift tags. Tonight I stamped four of them, and wrapped four gifts, and was exhausted after that. I think this weekend I'll make up a bunch of tags all at once so that next week when Brad starts helping me wrap he can do so. I also have to make my holiday cards this weekend/next week so they get out in time for Christmas.

Ok, I'm beat. Have two new pairs of earrings from Brad to go up on Etsy tonight (I'll post pictures in a separate post) and Survivor to watch.

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