Holiday Spirit

I'm actually getting a little disappointed as I'm decorating for the holidays that we aren't hosting Christmas here this year. But I know I just don't have the energy for it. It's just kind of boring to decorate for yourself, and not be able to show it off. Oh well.

We did the tree today:

And last night I did some more wrapping. I stamped more tags (but I have oh so many left to do). Here's a sample of the tags I'm making. I use various holiday/Christmas stamps and use scrap card stock to make the tags.

Brad and Summer have their craft show tomorrow afternoon (2-6 at the old Chelmsford town hall for you locals), and I think I'm going to bring my stamp stuff with me to work on tags while I'm there. I can pack up a little kit with my small paper cutter and stuff.

In other news, I've realized that I have to start eating more small meals a day, rather than the 3 meals plus snacks that I've been doing. I find that just having snacks makes me so hungry at meal time, and then I eat too much and wind up with terrible reflux. So tomorrow I'm planning out my meals for the next week and shopping accordingly.

Have some Kohl's cash I need to use by Monday. Will probably have to go ON Monday to do so.

Had such a miserable day at work on Friday, and was so super pissed at a couple of people that for months have continued to not do their jobs and thus make me do extra work while they chat and sit with their thumbs up their ass that I actually decided last minute not to attend the holiday party. Too bad, since I bought a dress for it, but I'll wear it for Christmas Eve and probably use it at Disney for a fancy dinner.

Had a lovely lunch with Britt today too. That's about it! :)


  1. looove those tags! I had planned on making my own too, but then I realized I never bought any christmas stamps! Oops :-)

    Your tree (and you!)look gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful tree and beautiful belly!!

    The tags came out great! I love the ones with the ornaments on them.