Food/Morning Sickness

So, the past two days now I've woken up around 3:30/4 am and been incredibly queasy, right through the morning and most of the day. Today I had a little relief after lunch but it quickly returned. If I had to guess, I think that Austin has shifted positions and it's causing me to feel ill. Luckily, I can eat and everything, I just feel really sick to my stomach. I'm handling it so far though. He's moving around so much in there, it's crazy. I feel very bubbly most of the day, along with the usual jabs and kicks.

After a weekend of ridiculous acid reflux, I have decided I need to change my eating habits. I've been eating a ton of sugar. Donuts, Special K bars, fruit snacks, ice cream, blueberry muffins. I think that some of this sugar is making my reflux worse. I also found that I was eating three large meals a day (really large) and just snacks in between, which was causing me to get very hungry so I'd stuff myself at meals and then end up feeling super full and gassy and acidic.

Starting today, I'm trying the 6 or so small meals a day, maybe mixed with a few snacks if I'm hungry, rather than the three big meals. Today's meal plan is as follows:

Juice (throughout the night/when I wake up)
Dole peach cup 6:30
Half bagel with cream cheese and tomato 7:30
Another half bagel with cream cheese and tomato 9:00
Banana and Yogurt 10:30
Lean Cuisine 12:00-12:15
Half turkey sandwich and carrots with hummus 3:00
Half turkey sandwich and apple slices with natural peanut butter 5:00
Potential additional snack before dinner (cheese stick most likely)
Beef & Barley soup 7/7:30
Some small meal around 9:30
Snacks by the bed for when I wake up at night

The snacks I bought this week were healthier, I think. I've got lowfat popcorn, peanuts, pistachios, and sunflower seeds, frozen all fruit bars, bananas, apples, carrots, celery, grapes, string cheese. Nothing that was like what I've been eating (the donuts, etc from above).

I did find myself quite hungry most of today though, so I think I'm going to have to actually increase the size of these meals, or munch on the nuts and stuff in between them.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling sick again! I hope the meal restructuring helps. More healthy foods sound good too! Tell the little guy to move into a nicer position already!
    I love the description of you feeling "bubbly" I imagine a baby with a snorkel on!

  2. hahah, that's how it feels, actually! like he's scuba diving!