I had a dream last night that was kind of weird. Because of the book I'm reading, I dreamt that I gave birth at home with a midwife and Brad. The baby just kind of popped right out along with a huge pile of poop, so I didn't even know the baby came out. Weird.

Anyway, so the baby was here, but I then realized that I'd never had a baby shower, and we had NOTHING for the baby. Not a car seat, not even laundry detergent to wash the baby's clothes and bedding in before he was placed in them. It freaked me out.

And then the baby talked to me again, like in a previous dream where at 2 days old he said "mommy." This one, the day he was born, he said "choo." I don't know how to interpret this (if there is an interpretation). Makes me wonder if he'll talk early on, or if perhaps this is making me feel connected more with him. Not sure.

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