Craft Cart!

Man, I am a blogging machine today! In reality, I won't have a whole lot of time to blog (at least, with pictures) after today because of the holidays and vacation next week. I might squeeze in a post-Christmas post on Sunday though, we'll see.

After dinner with Lindsay the other night, we went over to Joann's to see what we could find in the $1 bins. I came across this awesome craft cart, with 10 drawers that fit 12" by 12" paper. It was on sale for $30, which I thought was a great price. When the cashier rang it up - the regular price was $90!!! I saved $60 on this! I remember seeing it before and wanting it but not wanting to pay the price.

Gizmo snuck into the photo ;)

I set the cart up tonight, and put my scrapbook papers and stamps and my new embossing tool into it. Love this cart! :)


  1. Aaahhhhh! I have wanted that one forever!
    Hi giz! ;)

  2. Shannon, it might still be on sale! This was only tuesday. Joanns in westford!

  3. That is perfect for you!