I woke up this morning and my wedding rings were too tight. I could barely squeeze them off. They're on a chain around my neck for now, but I'm paranoid that something will happen and the chain will break and I'll lose the rings. It's the sturdiest chain I have, a white gold chain that came with my Eiffel Tower pendant, but still. Two chains is too heavy, at least, from what I have in my collection that are the same length as this one. Maybe another thinner chain might do it. I don't know. I'm sad though. I hate not having my rings on. :(


  1. Oh boy! I remember this day in my pregnancy pretty well. It is very sad when your rings don't fit.

    It actually took me a couple weeks after Cameron was born to fit into my rings again but don't worry they will fit again someday!

  2. What did you do with yours when you couldn't wear them? Did you leave them at home in your jewelry box or wear around your neck? I'm torn because I'm afraid they'll fall off on my neck but for some reason, I'm afraid something will happen to them if I leave them at home.

    I do plan to leave them with my mom when we're at Disney, so I don't have to worry about losing them at the parks.

  3. We have a tiny safe at home and I just put them in there.

    Good idea not bringing them with you to Disney. When do you guys leave?

  4. Less than 2 weeks. I am totally stressed out about it.