Vegas recap

Finally having a chance to blog, and I've got a few coming your way! :)

First, a recap of our Vegas trip, with some pictures.

Saturday, our flight was supposed to leave at 9:20, and we were supposed to change plans in Baltimore at 11:15. However, our first flight was delayed and we weren't going to make the second flight, so we had to switch our itinerary. Ended up going through Chicago, and arriving in Vegas about 2 hours later than we should have. We cut it quite close for Garth, because we had to pick up our tickets by 6 and didn't check into the hotel until after 5.

Our room at Encore:

So we went to Garth Saturday night (I did a separate post about the Garth concert) and then went right to bed immediately afterwards. We'd been up since 6am and by then it was 1am Eastern.

The rest of the trip was extremely uneventful, LOL. We moved to Gold Coast for the rest of the trip (which was an awesome $30 a night for an updated room!) It was tough for me, mentally, because I was exhausted early - Sunday I went to bed at 7pm, the other nights, around 8:30. I didn't get to hang with Brad at night - he would go down to the casino to gamble and I'd just crash. During the day, thankfully, we had a rental car, so we spent a lot of time off-strip. I couldn't walk around the strip like we usually do, and we don't gamble on the strip because the odds are horrible, so it was pointless to spend time there.

We did walk around Planet Hollywood's mall on Tuesday, and bought a few outfits for Austin.We bought two Vegas onesies, and then this outfit from Baby Gap:

Anyway, we did go downtown one day, which wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. It's kinda...boring. When we'd initially planned to go, we were going to see the nighttime light show, but because 1) i was so tired and 2) we were doing the 24 hour buffet pass we didn't stay downtown through to the night.

One night we stopped by the World Series of Poker finals at the Rio. We couldn't get in but I at least got a picture of Brad by the sign:

For four days, we would go back and forth to Sam's Town, a casino on Flamingo a few miles off strip. I even got to drive the rental car a few times, my first time driving in Vegas! :) The very last day, about a half hour before we were going to have to leave for the airport, I finally hit Dueces on the nickles, and I was so excited. Then, ten minutes later, I did it again! I walked away with $200 :)

Finally, this cracked me up when I was checking the weather. Yep, we were in Paradise, as far as I'm concerned.

That's it for the Vegas trip. We won't be back until probably 2012. :(

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